Sunday, May 16, 2010

New reviews, ABE in Korea and a contest coming soon

Wow, so things have been busy at ABEHQ.

-Contest coming soon, win test presses if you like. More info in the coming days.

-Check the distro for two new titles that graphic novel enthusiasts will enjoy. The ABE store now carries titles from Optimum Wound Comics. This is some hardcore stuff put out by some folks in Vancouver, Canada that you've likely seen around hardcore shows in the Northwest. Be sure to check this stuff out if you're into the dark, gritty side of graphic novels.

-Check out the stellar review on Lambgoat of the At Both Ends package . 9 out of 10 isn't too bad a score!

-Punknews has a review up as well so be sure to check it out. At Both Ends 9/10 is said to be a "a serious and engrossing package" that received 4 of 5 stars. An interview was recently completed with Punknews so hopefully that will be up soon as well.

Here's a review from Just Say Yo! zine in France/Spain.

Sorry for using colour and having ambition, I guess you can't please everyone!

-If anyone has any reviews out there that aren't listed on the site then please get in touch as I'd love to see them.

-Check out my friend Danny in South Korea. He's over there to teach kids English and reps ABE whenever he can. What a handsome man with a fine sense of fashion!

There must be more to post but it's 5:30AM, I'm going to bed soon.

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