Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A few reviews and Andy Rice

I'm a little slow to update this thing but here we go with a few scans from MRR and Thrasher. I can die happy knowing that at least a part of me has made it into the pages of one of my favourite skateboard magazines.

Thrasher blurb in Issue #356

MRR zine review in Issue #322

MRR record review in Issue #322.
Maybe not the most accurate review but enjoyable none the less.

Speaking of dying happy, here's a photo of Andy Rice reading At Both Ends. You may know him as Deathwish Inc.'s booking agent extraordinaire or the drummer of Sinking Ships and Meltdown. What you might not know is that at the tender age of 13 he was the vocalist for a little-known band out of Newburg, Oregon known as Minor Effects that addressed issues such as social injustice and partying down through a rap/metal hybrid. Comparisons to Rage Against The Machine, Body Count and even Limp Bizkit are in the ballpark when describing Minor Effects.

Be sure to check out the Minor Effects ad on page 14 of ABE.

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